its eleven in the morning right now. last night i didnt sleep at all. instead i tried to do some drawings, when that didnt work out i decided to read my old teenage mutant ninja turtles graphic novels.

yes thats the first two volumes, the first 6 or 7 issues ever made of the franchise. theyre so old, i sometimes forget i own them. its actually a funny story how i aquired these two amazing books. it goes back to when i was 6 years old? i think around there somewhere. anyway so theres this kinda weirdo family that lived ( and still lives ) across the street from me, and they have a kid my age. we went to the same school and i was kind of friends with him but not really because he was a total spaz. BUT he did have a sick ass BIGFOOT power wheel, and to 6 year old me, that qualifies for reason enought to hang with somebody. cuz you know im tryin to shred it up in that bigfoot! this kid was weird tho, i mean it was just a weird family i guess. one time i remember going over there when i was around 6 and the kid was getting fed in a fucking high chair! 6..... maybe 7! meanwhile i was a grown as man eatin' n unwrappin' my own fruitroll-ups and everything. but anyways, there is an older sister in the family that comes home to visit them and her huge ass old beater buick or some shit dies in front of our house and stays there for weeks. being that our house is on the corner and our garage is on the alley next to us, we have no driveway, so thats my moms only parking space. so the mom brings over brownies and other shit as a "im sorry" kinda gesture i guess. a couple of the items she expresses her remorse with were these two teenage mutant ninja turtles comics. one was for me and the other for my older brother. but my older brother doesnt even read comics! so i make out like a bandit and get both! she even wrote a lil note inside the one cover addressed to my brother

the car eventually got towed, my mom was happy again and i out grew that bigwheel and made new friends. still got the comics though! :)
so if youre a comic fan, a nija turtle fan or anything, you should definatly read these. great characters, great 80s-indie-comic-art with nice simple colors, bold, sometimes messy lines, and an always fun story.


Noah said...

I have the most serious one. Idk which numberi n the series it is but it's the one with all the fucking Ninjas in Japan and mad blood and gore.

mikeyed said...

I've read some of the word-for-word TMNT movie comic book, which features the same style. I really need to see those volumes. i don't know if anybody at my house has any old TMNT comics. Pretty sweet situation you got there, though.