RIP this blog

hello friends,

im putting this blogger to rest and moving over to tumblr

so keep up to date with my work at




so i haven't posted much lately, but i assure you i have a bunch of new stuff on its way. i'm currently working on my thesis project as well as making my own brand new, sparking clean personal website!
for now here's this illustration i did of the driver from the movie "drive". i loved this movie, it was my favorite of the year by far! and i just bought the dvd and felt inspired to do a drawing of this rad character. i've also been looking at alot of manga lately and especially Otomo... so theres some of that influence in this piece as well

pen and ink line work with digital color

cheers ghouls & goblins




a sticker i designed for DUMB KIDS



an old sketchbook page .... i was listening to alot of bauhaus around that time... i don't really dig them that much anymore ... but at the time i made this, i was lovin em


just do drugs

a sticker i designed for LOWLIFE

phantom pendant

here is the line work for a necklace pendant i designed for LOWLIFE

and the backer board

and here is a shot of the pendant in its packaging. got a spool of nice thread for the band, printed the backer board, assembled it all ..... it was a very fun yet long process ... i had never done anything like this before and i think they turned out pretty cool


casbah flyer

flyer for a rock n roll music show in san diego. if you're in the area, check it out!