new art

so i haven't updated this thing in a long time
i plan on posting more art on here in the future, heres the start

"star city"

this piece was done in pen and marker while i was at my friend brads house. mostly i draw all alone at night in a corner of a dungeon with my headphones on, but sometimes when you make art with friends in a different atmosphere you get something new you didnt plan on and may not have gotten if you were alone. it was fun to make and i feel like its pretty fun to look at too


this was done in pen and watercolor. i just recently got a set of watercolor paints, so im still learning, but i really enjoy using them so far. i did this for my friend nick norton, he sent me demolition man in the mail as a gift, so i made this for him to help decorate his new apartment in orlando. now that i have a picture of it, i can finally mail it to him. i hope he likes it.

each piece is 14x26 ish

i think

thanks to nick moore for the photos

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