LOWLIFE shop open

the shop is up and the tees are ready, order now and get the special pre-order price

check the site too LOWLIFE


Workhorse said...

man i might have to order that unholy vision!

TheBeast said...

ohh shit, you now im about to cop dat shit right thur..

Anonymous said...


SergioAYbarra said...

Ok,My name is Sergio Ybarra. I rollerblade I am procrastinating at work. not really. i am just using my works computer. I live in Arizona. and yeah. I am just telling you.in case you want to fight or something. but not really.
I like the shirts. It reminds me of Jeremy beightols shit. but his shit reminds me of Eerie Von(Smahain,Danzig) "fiend Art".
I just hope those bands are your motivation and not trendy spooky everyrollerblader is doing it right now thing. I dont know I dont care. I dont even know why I am writing this maybe because I admire it and mean not to type attack you or some shit. idk. whatever. Its cool you rollerblade.
480-298-5546. I dont have Email so yeah. reply that way. if you care.

Anonymous said...

tell sergioaybarra to fuck off, freakazoid