i did this for the december issue of ONE magazine
pen and watercolor

my subscription goes back home to my moms house. she left me a great message the other day when she got it in the mail. " adam i just got this ONE magazine in the mail with your drawing in it, im so exctied. and wait .... theres not even any BLOOD in it !!! .... wait, is there blood ??? .... NO,there isn't! im so proud of you! "
so naturally i had to go draw a ton of blood right after that

love you MA


shauna said...


Workhorse said...

man this turned out so rad

def one of my favorite pieces you've done,
BLACK DEATH is going to collect souls

Stacy said...

hahahaa best story ever.
at least in my opinion.
its better when you hear it from you though. you do the "mom" voice.