el heart ripper

el heart ripper is the most feared wrestler in the galaxy. with the sight of 1000 eyes and the spirit of the horned beast, el heart ripper strikes fear into the soul of his opponents deeper than the fire scorched trenches of hell. no one has ever heard him say a word, nor smile. after his victory el heart ripper drinks the blood of man and devoures their soul.

translation, the heart ripper


Kyle said...

Dude this is SO SICK.. Man your shit gets better every fucking time

melissa said...

THIS is amazing.
I LOVE it.
Was it all pen and marker or what is it?

Workhorse said...

dude this is UNHOLY

I'm glad I coulda been sittin there while this totally righteous piece was crafted right in front of my eyes

mikeyed said...


mikeyed said...

Oh, this is Jon, not mike, B T DUB.

Anyway. BADASS.