top secret

hey whats up dudes? just found out the other day that my friend ruben, my main man scott E fresh over at workhorse illustration and myself just got approved for a group show in the student gallery at school. its gonna be sometime in february, ill update for sure soon when i know the exact date. so im gonna keep tryin to post new stuff but im gonna also keep alot of stuff secret. so im not leavin, just hidin for a bit. stay tuned for alot of big things!

your friend

- adam "drippin wet" niemara -

heres a polaroid of me and scott eating chocalte cupcakes and drinking mountain dew

you might say, a BROlaroid


Kyle said...

You keepin' it spooky on this day of spookiness?

Looking forward to seeing the new program

Workhorse said...

oh shit you know we jus be messin round