SPOOKY prints

these are part of a series of spooky symbol prints i did for my first project in printmaking 1 this semester. my teacher totally hates all my ideas in this class, but i do them anyway, hes one of those pretentious art douche bags. he just doesn't realize that its all about spooky right now, or maybe he doesn't like me because he's older and out of touch and i just like making stuff that's fun to me and i don't really even think about it much. it doesn't really matter anyway
these are monotype prints. its really hard to manipulate the ink the way i would like to in this type of printing, they turned out ok though for my first ever prints. im glad i learned it and im glad we are onto other techniques now
so stay tuned for more prints and crud


shauna said...

sweet dude.

Workhorse said...

i like the top one dude, if you made it even more scratchy dare I say it would be bordlerine METAL!

Banana Kid said...


melissa said...

AAHHHH. i got goosebumps