POP posters

did a few posters and drawings for my friends jon and brad's play for purple onion productions. we had alot of fun making these things and in one night turned out about 20 pieces! they got hung up all around downtown detroit. so hopefully someone ripped them down and took them or ripped them down and pissed on them or something, but these here are the ones i did. sorry the pics are bad, but it was late at night, and they had to be transported asap!


- adam -


Workhorse said...

that infamous, niemara one hockey glove hangin out on dat' spooky dracula teacher.

lookin sick brother - I would have ripped them down and takin a piss on these, but it would have been out of respect. I always piss all over things I deeply love.

so that's why all of my comics have that weird, soft and starchy texture whenever I let you borrow um

shauna said...

I want to know how your spooky prints are turning out.